Escafeld Chorale Scores for Hire (in composer order)

Information given is: composer, title (editor/publisher), number of copies, plus some additional information such as parts and language

Allegri, Miserere (Atkins/ Novello), 17 copies (English)

Anon (16th c. French), Ding dong merrily (Bartelson/ Lawson Gould), 16 copies, SSA (English/Latin)

Bach, Jesu joy of man’s desiring, 46 copies (Welsh/English)

Bach, Rest well (St John Passion) (Wagner/ Roberton), 11 copies (English)

Bach, Wachet auf 80 copies (legal PCs) (German)

Balfour Gardiner, Evening hymn, 21 copies

Bairstow, Let all mortal flesh keep silence (S&B), 19 copies

Bennet, All creatures now (Novello), 65 copies

Bennett, R. R., Lullay mine liking (Novello), 60 copies

Blow, Let Thy hand be strengthened (Novello), 7 copies (English)

Boyce, Blessing and glory (Van Nice/Roberton), 64 copies

Brahms, When’er the sounding harp (Novello), 36 copies, SSA (English/German)

Britten, A hymn to the virgin (W-Rogers/ B&H), 74 copies (Latin/English)

Britten, Rejoice in the Lamb (B&H), 18 copies

Bruckner, Christus factus est (Peters), 28 copies (Latin)

Bruckner, Os Justi (Peters), 25 copies (Latin)

Bullard, Scots Nativity (OUP), 27 copies (English)

Byrd, Ave verum corpus (OUP), 30 copies (Latin/English)

Byrd, Bow Thine ear O Lord (Fellowes/ OUP), 12 copies (English)

Cashmore, O Waly Waly (Novello), 27 copies,

Cornelius, The three kings, 29 copies (English)

Darke, In the bleak midwinter, 80 copies (legal PCs)

Dvorak, Stabat Mater (at the foot of the cross) (Crewe/Button/ Novello), 23 copies (English)

Edwards, Paul, No small wonder (St Georges) 75 copies (English)

Elgar, My love dwelt in a northern land (Novello), 24 copies,

Farmer, Fair Phyllis (Novello), 16 copies,

Fauré, Requiem (Ratcliffe/ Novello), 15 copies (Latin)

Fauré, Tantum ergo, 88 copies (legal PCs)

Finzi, I praise the tender flower (B&H), 19 copies

Foster, I dream of Jeannie (Dicks/ Harris), 25 copies

Gabrieli, A., Hodie Christus natus est (Hinshaw), 10 copies

Gibbons, Mag and Nunc (Fellowes/ OUP), 11 copies

Handel, Let their celestial concerts (Banks), 22 copies

Handel, St John passion (Diack/Paterson), 21 copies

Handel, Zadok the priest (Novello) 15 copies

Harris, Matthew, Shakespeare songs, Book IV, 74 copies

Head, Little road to Bethlehem (Rose/B&H), 80 copies

Holst, Lullay my liking (Curwen), 70 copies

Lasso, O let me look on Thee (Bosworth, distr), 23 copies (French/English)

Lauridsen, O magnum mysterium (Southern MP), 93 copies

Leontovich, Carol of the bells (Fischer), 36 copies (English)

Lindberg, Nils, Shall I compare thee… 73 copies

Martin, Cross-cry (Hinshaw) 75 copies

Mendelssohn, How lovely are the messengers (Banks), 19 copies

Mendelssohn, Be not afraid (Novello), 17 copies

Mendelssohn, Hear my prayer (Novello) 18 copies (English)

Mendelssohn, Psalm 13 (Troutbeck/Novello), 26 copies (English)

Mendelssohn, The night is departing (Lobgesang) 17 copies (English)

Morley, My bonny lass (Fellowes/S&B), 16 copies

Morley, Now is the month of maying (Fellowes/Dart/S&B), 13 copies,

Morley, Out of the deep (Fellowes/OUP), 40 copies

Morley, Shoot, false love I care not (Fellowes/ S&B), 27 copies

Mozart, Ave verum corpus (Novello), 30 copies (Latin/English)

Mozart, Missa Brevis (KV 49) (Breitkopf), 18 copies (Latin)

Palestrina, Rorate coeli (Petti/ Chester), 46 copies, SSATB (Latin)

Parry, Blest pair of sirens (Novello), 9 copies, SATB

Parry, Blest pair of sirens (Novello), 63 copies, SSAATTBB

Parry, How sweet the answer (Novello), 25 copies

Parry, I was glad (Novello), 22 copies

Parry, My soul, there is a country (Ascherberg), 15 copies

Passereau, He’s a pretty cuckoo (Novello), 27 copies (English/French)

Pearsall, In dulci jubilo (Novello), 31 copies (Latin/English)

Pinsuli, Goodnight, goodnight beloved (Novello), 15 copies

Plumstead, Close thine eyes (Novello), 24 copies

Praetorius, To us is born Immanuel (trans. Baker/ Schirmer), 47 copies (English)

Purcell, In these delightful pleasant groves (Leslie/ Cramer), 13 copies

Roger-Ducasse, Crux fidelis, 87 copies (Latin)

Rogers, This nearly was mine (Williamson), 22 copies

Rossini, Stabat Mater (Novello), 11 copies (English/Latin)

Rutter, Candlelight carol (OUP), 17 copies

Rutter, Mary’s lullaby (OUP), 24 copies

Rutter, Riddle song (OUP), 18 copies

Rutti, I wonder as I wander, 73 copies

Seiber, Five Hungarian folk songs (Elkin), 26 copies (English)

Seiber, Three Hungarian folk songs, 19 copies (English)

Shearing, Songs and sonnets (from Shakespeare) (Rutter/ Hindon), 32 copies

Stanford, My love’s an arbutus (B&H), 20 copies

Stanford, Te Deum (Novello), 22 copies (English)

Sterndale-Bennett, Stabat Mater (Woman of Samaria) (Novello), 14 copies (very old scores)

Sullivan, The long day closes (Novello), 20 copies

Sweelinck, Hodie Christus natus est (Barclay-Squire/Novello), 47 copies (In Latin)

Tchaikovsky, Legend (Christ in the garden) (Rothery), 10 copies

Tippett, Five negro spirituals (Schott), 38 copies ( German/English, smaller size scores)

Townend, Ellen Vannin (Jacobson/ Curwen), 20 copies

Trad, Among the leaves so green, O (OUP), 24 copies

Trad, De battle of Jericho (Novello, ed. Lang), 20 copies

Trad, Golden slumbers (Roberton), 29 copies

Trad, I will give my love an apple (Mulliner/ Novello), 20 copies

Trad, Sailor shanties, selection 2 (Jacobson/ Curwen), 22 copies

Trad, Six Negro sprituals, 27 copies

Trad, The lark in the clear air (Cashmore/ Novello), 40 copies

Trad, The sailor and young Nancy (OUP) 21 copies

Trad, Tumbaliaka (Roberton) 10 copies (English)

Trad, Witness (Gentry) 23 copies

Various, Sixteenth century anthems (OUP), 48 copies,

Various, Penguin book of carols (Poston/Penguin), 40 copies

Various, Penguin book of carols 2 (Poston/ Penguin), 33 copies

Vaughan Williams, Alister McAlpine’s lament (Roberton), 23 copies

Vaughan Williams, Bushes and briars (Novello), 23 copies

Vaughan Williams, Come away death (S&B), 33 copies

Vaughan Williams, Five English folk songs (S&B), 22 copies

Vaughan Williams, Just as the tide was flowing (S&B), 14 copies

Vaughan Williams, Linden lea (B&H), 13 copies

Vaughan Williams, Loch Lomond (S&B), 23 copies

Vaughan Williams, Mannin Veen (Curwen), 26 copies (In Manx/English)

Vaughan Williams, The turtle dove (Schirmer), 24 copies

Vaughan Williams, Wassail (S&B), 20 copies

Walton, Set me as a seal… 26 copies

Weber, Jubilee Cantata (Harvest) (Novello), 22 copies (English)

Weelkes, As Vesta was from Latmos hill… (Fellowes/S&B), 16 copies

Weelkes, Gloria in excelsis Deo,, 17 copies (English)

Weelkes, O Lord grant the king a long life (Fellowes/OUP), 15 copies (English)

Weelkes, On the plains (Fellowes/S&B), 15 copies

Wesley, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace (Novello), 22 copies